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Power MBA Community – What does the network bring you?

Events, forum, book club & LinkedIN – this is how you can get to know your fellow students

Power MBA Community

Power MBA Events

Speed Networking Power MBAGlobal Welcome Webinar

At the beginning of the Power MBA there are various events where you can get to know your fellow students. At the start there is the Global Welcome Webinar. There you will be explained exactly how the program works and what to expect. A few days later the speed networking events begin. There you have the opportunity to network with Power MBA students from your region (continent). Usually there are 50-100 people in these calls. You will then automatically be divided into small groups of 5-10 people and you can get to know each other better with small tasks.


Global Speednetworking Event

I can only recommend these events to you. Even if it is initially uncomfortable to sit in a zoom call with complete strangers from different nations. But you will get to know the most interesting people there. In my first speed networking event, I met a startup founder from Israel, multiple Ultra Man participants from New York, a rocket scientist from Finland and an engineer from Munich.


Speednetworking for each country

There are also speed networking events for the respective country. These run on the same principle as the global networking events. You will also get to know great and inspiring people in these calls.



In addition to the local speed networking events, there are also so-called power talks. In these webinars, entrepreneurs from the respective country are invited and speak about a specific topic or are available for questions and answers.


Meet Your Teachers Webinare

Other great events are the Meet your Teacher webinars. In these events people like Eric Ries (Lean Startup), Marc Randolph (Netflix) or Uri Levine (Waze) are interviewed. You can ask questions in advance and during the session, which the lecturer will then answer. If you don’t have time, you can watch the recording afterwards.


Offline / Live Events

If no global pandemic has broken out, there are also some on-site meetings in addition to the countless online events. But unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about them. My course fell straight into the pandemic.


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Power MBA Forum

Power MBA Forum

Another big part of the Power MBA community is the forum. There is lively discussion and exchange in this. There is a separate forum section for each lesson in the program. So if you ever have questions about a particular lesson, you can write in there. The Power MBA staff or other students will then answer your question.



Power MBA local groups

Power MBA Ambassadors Germany

There are city groups for local exchange. For every city there are ambassadors, i.e. students who manage the groups. If you live in Buxtehude, you can easily assign yourself to the city that is closest or most pleasant for you.

When there is no pandemic, live events are organized in these groups. Otherwise you can always ask questions and network with the other Power MBA students.



Power MBA LinkedIN

Power MBA LinkedIN

What would a business training in the 21st century be without LinkedIN? Since 2020 the platform has become something like the Facebook for employees, employers and entrepreneurs. In combination with the Power MBA, you can state the Power MBA as an apprenticeship on your LinkedIN profile. Due to the increasing popularity of further training, this can bring you some advantages with recruiters.

You can also see who is still completing the Power MBA and where these people are employed. This allows you to build up a large network of new acquaintances on LinkedIN and use it for your professional reach.


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