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Power MBA Curriculum – All 9 + 1 Modules

From accounting to marketing – the Power MBA curriculum doesn’t leave out any area

Power MBA Curriculum

Power MBA Modules – short summary

I registered for the Power MBA training program in summer 2020. At the time I didn’t realize it was going to be 11 months. I was so intrigued by the mentors and the 15 minute units per day that I overlooked this note.

But in retrospect, I’m actually very happy that the Power MBA accompanied me for 11 months. It takes time to convey so much valuable knowledge about the most diverse areas of a company in 15 minutes a day.

At the end of the day you will get around 60 hours of high quality content (15 minutes per day * 5 days a week * 47 weeks). And that doesn’t include the bonus lessons and community events.

Every single module has brought me something for my professional future. Even the modules in which I already had a lot of know-how such as marketing, I was shown new theory & practice content.

Not all modules are available to you at the beginning. It is only ever unlocked one at a time. So you can stick to the 15 min units per (work) day. The following modules are included in this order:

  1. Welcome area
  2. Business model innovation
  3. Testing Business Ideas & Lean Startup
  4. Business and Marketing Strategies
  5. Leadership
  6. Entrepreneurship & Fundraising
  7. The Power of Being a (digital) Marketer
  8. Finance & Accounting
  9. HR & Talent Management
  10. Bonus: Disruptive Tech in Business


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Power MBA Module 1 – Welcome Area

Welcome Area

Although the content of the first module has nothing to do with business studies, it gives you an overview of the program. You will learn something about the community, the lecturers, how the platform works and much more.

Power MBA Module 2 – Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

In the second module you will delve directly into the topic of business models. The Business Model Canvas is used and the business models of various companies are analyzed. This module includes lecturers from Waze, Sugarfina, Omnivirt, CarLotz, Rent the Runway, Shazam and many more. The main lessons in this module are:

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Engines of Growth
  • The Power of Platforms
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Value proposition
  • Business Model Innovation Recap

Power MBA Module 3 – Testing Business Ideas & Lean Startup

Lean Startup Prinzipien

Probably the most important module for start-up founders. Here you will learn how you can test your business ideas in a simple and inexpensive way. You will learn from the inventor of the Lean Start Up method Eric Ries himself and from the author of Scaling Lean Ash Maurya.

At the end, the theoretical parts learned are illustrated using the example of the two startups Bizzby and Startup Mundi. The main lessons are:

  • Lean Startup Principles
  • Testing business models
  • Testing Business Ideas & Lean Startup Recap

Power MBA Module 4 – Business and Marketing Strategies

Business and Marketing Strategies

It is probably one of the largest and most extensive modules. To begin with, you will dive straight into the topic of Blue Ocean Strategy. Here you will learn from the CEO of Cirque du Soleil how to create a blue ocean. You will also learn how to analyze your market, which growth strategies make sense for you, how to build a brand, what Blitzscaling is, how you find your pricing and much more. For me it has been one of the most impressive modules.

Instructors from Flixbus, Mister Spex, AirBnB, Whole Foods & N26 teach you. You can find these main lessons in Module 4:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Industry analysis
  • corporate growth strategies
  • Brand Strategy
  • Lightning scaling
  • Pricing
  • Strategy and Business Fundamentals Recap

Power MBA Module 5 – Leadership


In the middle of the Power MBA you firstly deal with yourself. In order to be able to lead others well, you have to start with yourself first. The entire module is accompanied by Mischa Zielke, who is an expert on leadership. In addition to the personality test, it is also about mindfulness, nutrition, training and sleep. Besides the lessons about yourself, you will learn about Leading Teams, Corporate Culture and Agile Projekt Management. There are four main lesson:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading teams and organizations
  • Leadership Recap

Power MBA Module 6 – Entrepreneurship & Fundraising

Power MBA Curriculum

The topic of fundraising is indispensable for start-ups. If you’re pursuing an idea that doesn’t finance itself immediately and has to be scaled up first, then it’s time to pitch. In this module you will learn what fundraising is all about from an investor perspective. You will also find out which programs are still available and how you can get the right investors. The main lessons are:

  • Reflections
  • Who’s who
  • Raising Funds

Power MBA Module 7 – The Power of Being a (digital) Marketer

Power MBA Curriculum

Ever since the corona pandemic, the last internet skeptic has understood the power of the internet. The web is essential for your business these days. This module shows you how important a 360 ° marketing strategy is and how you guide your customers along a marketing funnel.

The main lessons are:

  • Marketing 360
  • Power funnel

Power MBA Module 8 – Finance & Accounting

Power MBA Curriculum

Accounting is an important but not always popular topic. But this is also conveyed to you in an exciting way in the Power MBA curriculum through short and interesting lessons. The main lessons are:

  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Investment & Company Assessment

Power MBA Module 9 – HR & Talent Management

Power MBA Curriculum

No company in the world can function without staff. This module teaches you how to build up your human resources and attract top talent. The main lessons are:

  • Integrated Talent Management
  • HR 3.0
  • Organizational Design & Agility

Power MBA Module 10 – Bonus: Disruptive Tech in Business

Power MBA Curriculum

At the end of the program there is a bonus lesson. Everything here revolves around the topic of disruption. A number of industries have already fallen due to the technological revolution. This module should encourage you to pursue disruptive ideas in your environment and to actively anticipate and pursue new trends.

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