Mo Gawdat Power MBA

ex CBO Google X Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat was the Chief Business Officer of Google X from 2013 – 2018. He has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and an MBA from the Massricht School of Management. After the death of his son, Mo Gawdat dealt intensively with the subject of being happy. He wrote the book the “Formula for Happiness”. From this arose his mission to make a billion people happy.

Eric Ries

Lean Start Up author Eric Ries

The book The Lean Start Up is now 10 years old and has become must-read for every start-up founder. The author Eric Ries started his career at the start-up as a software engineer. It was there that he discovered his passion for start-ups. Four years later, he and his colleagues founded the start-up IMVU. An instant message service linked to video games.

Power MBA Community

Power MBA Community

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Chris Barton Shazam Founder

Shazam founder Chris Barton.

Chris Barton was a pioneer. The idea of Shazam was way ahead of its time. In an interview when asked what he would have done differently in retrospect, he replied: “In an ideal world, Shazam would have started about five years later. So we would have missed the more difficult times – while we waited that cell phones catch up with our vision. “