About me

Hey, my name is Gregor, I´m in my early 30s and a smart shit.

Gregor Never Stop Learning

But I’ve only been for 4 years. Only since I realized that I alone am responsible for my knowledge and skills. Neither the parents, the school or the university are responsible for your education. You are all alone. It took me over 25 years to understand that. It all started with the book The 4 Hour Week by Tim Ferriss.

What do you find on my page?

Free summaries of books that I think are very good.

Keylearnings from mentors and events I’ve been to.

Reviews of online courses & training.

The book showed me that there is another life than a 9 to 5 job that you actually hate. After this book I only read non-fiction books. A lot. In 2019 I set myself the goal of reading and summarizing one book per week. Said and done. In the end it was very close and there were a few audio books, but I read 52 books in one year.

By the time I read the books, my income doubled, I got married, got a 15% return on my stocks, and traveled the world for 3 months.

In 2020 and in the following years I halved the goal and set it to 26 books. 52 books are really a lot and there is hardly time to really implement what you have learned.


Why do I read so many books anyway?

There is no other medium that can convey so much knowledge in such a compressed manner as a book. No online course, no workshop, no seminar. But books are not the right teacher for everyone. It takes discipline, patience, and perseverance to get the most out of a nonfiction book.

Although books are a great teacher, I also use online courses to gain new knowledge. In the areas of online marketing in particular, published books are already out of date when they are published. Regularly updated online courses are much better. Software tools can also be better explained with video tutorials.

I do between 10 and 20 online courses per year. One of them is the Power MBA. A start-up from Spain that has set itself the task of making an MBA accessible to everyone. 1000 € costs – over 400 videos – mentors from Youtube, Tesla, Shazam, Google, etc. – digital networking events – 11 months duration & no outdated knowledge, but the latest knowledge from Silicon Valley.

As you may have noticed, I am really excited about the program. You can also find some articles about the Power MBA on my website.

I firmly believe that if you never stop learning and are always open to new things, then you are one of the winners in today’s world.

Never stop learning




PS: If you have any questions, suggestions or the like, then contact me.