Power MBA Price

Power MBA Price – This is what you get for your money

What does the course cost, are there hidden costs and what about a discount?

Power MBA Price

Power MBA cost

First of all, an important note. The Power MBA is a new type of MBA degree. It is 100% online, there are no exams, but also no accreditation. That doesn’t make it directly comparable to a regular MBA. That would be like comparing apples to oranges.

But I don’t want to keep you tortured for long. The Power MBA price is € 1,000. Depending on the time, there is a price reduction. This is usually 150 €. You can join the Power MBA for € 850.

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What do you get for that?

The program lasts a total of 11 months. If you calculate the price down to the month, you come to € 77.27 / month. That’s not a small amount, but for this money you will definitely take your career to the next level. Even if you get a pay increase of only € 100 net as a result of this training, you will have the costs back in just 9 months. Specifically, you get this content for your money:

  • Meet the Teacher Webinars
  • 11 months daily (Mon-Fri) 15 min lessons (approx. 60h video)
  • Access to the community
  • Access to the Power MBA Bookclub
  • Certificate at the end of the course


100% money back guarantee

For those who are not sure whether the program is really worth the money, the Power MBA offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This means you can cancel your purchase within 15 days of starting the first lesson. You get 100% of your money back.

As with a normal degree program, registrations are only possible for a limited time. So there is a winter & summer semester. So if you register in June and the program doesn’t start until September 1st, you can practically withdraw from your purchase until September 15th.


Power MBA costs compared to other programs

As already said in the previous paragraph, the Power MBA cannot be directly compared with other MBA courses. It is neither a distance learning nor a traditional suburb course. But it’s not just an online course either.

The Power MBA has opened a new market for online courses. I think we will see even more formats of this kind in the future. In order to give you a feeling for the unbelievable price of the Power MBA, you can see here an overview table with prices for other MBA formats.

MBA TypeDurationTotal Price Price / Month
Distance learning MBA24 Month13.500€560€
On-site MBA24 Month19.500€812,50€
Power MBA11 Month850€77,27€


Power MBA discount

As already mentioned above, there are always promotions and discounts 1-2 months before a new semester begins. The earlier, the higher the discount. As long as no semester has started, you can put yourself on the waiting list and you will be informed immediately when a new semester begins. This means that you also benefit from the higher discount.

And if you do decide to withdraw from the purchase, you can do so up to 15 days after the start of the first lesson. You have plenty of time to watch the program in peace.

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