Power MBA Review

Power MBA Review – My conclusion after 7 months

Is the training worth the money and is it really only 15 minutes of effort per day?

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The Power MBA short summary

The Power MBA is not a further education that appeals to everyone. All lessons take place online, it lasts 11 months, you have hardly any contact with the lecturers and no exams are necessary. Nevertheless, continuing education is becoming increasingly popular and attracting more and more students. This is mainly due to five things:

  1. The lessons are on demand. You decide when you learn
  2. Among the lecturers are world class entrepreneurs & companies
  3. Knowledge is imparted that has been successful in practice and is relevant not only for large corporations, but also for startups
  4. The lessons are on average only 15 minutes per day, which keeps the effort extremely low
  5. With a price of 850 € the offer is extremely affordable compared to other “universities”

My Power MBA evaluation after 7 months: It has become a regular routine for me to watch the latest Power MBA lesson after getting up. I am always amazed by the mentors and the knowledge that is imparted. Since I work in a start-up myself, I can apply most of my knowledge in practice. And I have to say it works. Of course, the learning experience cannot be compared with that of a classic university and on-site lessons, but these costs are usually 4-10 times as much.

For me, the Power MBA is a great alternative and gives me the knowledge I need to advance professionally without having to plunge into a full-time study again.

In the rest of the article, I’ll go into more detail about the individual areas and lessons of the Power MBA. I hope I can help you make your decision for or against the program. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or just write to me gregor@never-stop-learning.online. I am happy about every message.



Who is writing here?

Gregor Lean lesen

Briefly to me, so that you know who is writing here at all. I’m Gregor, 30 years old, live in Munich and currently work for the startup B42. A fitness app for amateur soccer players.

I work there as a product manager and have a lot to do with analysis, market research, programming, feature development and much more. The Power MBA program helps me in my work every day. I can use almost every lesson in practice to try out new approaches or methods. For example, I learned about the Value Curve through the Power MBA, so you can analyze an industry according to the most important competitive factors and see immediately where the majority of the competition is. In this way you uncover gaps in the market and can position yourself there.

I immediately implemented this method with one of our interns. We quickly realized that there is hardly any discount provider and gamification in the industry. Now we’re developing gamification features and rethinking our pricing strategy.

I am extremely inquisitive and love to plunge into new topics. I immediately order a lot of books, listen to flashes, attend events or online courses. In my master’s degree in health management and prevention, there were many lessons on management and business management, but these were usually only touched upon very briefly and were ancient strategies for large corporations (keyword balanced scorecard).

I lacked training in the new approaches such as Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy or Leadership. At that very moment, I received an ad on Instagram. Only 15 min on demand lessons per day – The Power MBA. Since I’m a guy who teaches a lot on self-study anyway, it was perfect for me. So I signed up in June 2020.

Then I was a little disappointed that the lessons didn’t start until September, but there was a lot of online networking and webinars up until then. Then it finally started and I watched the 15 min lesson every day (Mon-Fri) and learned a lot.


What is the Power MBA?

If you think the Power MBA is a run-of-the-mill online course that everyone offers these days, then you are wrong. If you think the Power MBA is comparable to a normal MBA, then you are wrong. You cannot compare the Power MBA with either one or the other. The creators have created a new type of online course.

MBA Online CourseClassic MBAThe Power MBA
Duration4-20h1-3 Years11 Months
Video / On SiteVideoOn site / VideoVideo
CommunityNoYesYes, worldwide
Lessons1 min – 3hLectures >1h15 min per day
Practical relevancelowvery highhigh
Pricestarting 100€7.000-25.000€850€

The Power MBA was founded in Spain and has established itself there over several years as further training for young executives. The company has been expanding since 2020 and opens up more and more countries. The first global class started in September 2020. Since then, I’ve been there as a student. My fellow students come from Melbourne, New York, Tel Aviv or Barcelona. It’s an international audience with really interesting people.

The training lasts 11 months and teaches content from the areas of leadership, lean startup, investor search, marketing and much more. There are 5 new lessons per week, each lasting an average of 15 minutes. In these lessons there are always animated videos that bring the respective topic closer in a short and exciting way. In some of the lessons there are multiple choice questions.

In the videos, people such as the Netflix founder, CEO of Whole Foods, CEO of Mister Spex, Tesla developers and many more are represented as lecturers and teach on the respective topic from their practical experience.


The Power MBA Modules

Power MBA Curriculum

One of the most important reasons to buy the Power MBA, besides the 15 min lessons and the mentors, are the topics. There are 10 major modules taught during the 11-month Power MBA:

  1. Welcome area
  2. Business model innovation
  3. Testing Business Ideas & Lean Startup
  4. Business and Marketing Strategies
  5. Leadership
  6. Entrepreneurship & Fundraising
  7. The Power of Being a (digital) Marketer
  8. Finance & Accounting
  9. HR & Talent Management
  10. Bonus: Disruptive Tech in Business

Each module is divided into main lessons and sub-lessons. Module 2, for example, has the subcategories:

  1. Business Model Analysis
  2. Engines of Growth
  3. The Power of Platforms
  4. Segmentation & targeting
  5. Value proposition
  6. Business Model Innovation Recap

The lessons are on average 15 minutes long and always contain one or more videos. With a duration of 11 months and 15 minutes of lessons every working day, you will get over 60 hours of content.

There is a test after each main lesson. This is always multiple choice questions. If you fail the test, you can repeat it as often as you like. There are no exams with grades in the Power MBA. You can find more information on the individual topics on my post Power MBA Curriculum.


The instructors in the Power MBA

The online MBA advertises heavily with its lecturers. Managers, founders and executives from Netflix, Youtube, Airbnb and many more. leave one to be amazed. The reality is that these people can be seen in the videos and also tell really interesting stories, tips and content. However, there is no real exchange between students and teachers.

Dozenten PowerMBA

You can ask the Power MBA team your questions at any time, but you will not come into contact with the lecturers. The only exception are the Meet your Teacher webinars. These always take place at the beginning of a new semester. Here you have the chance to send in your questions in advance as a video or text and they may then be answered by the lecturer in the webinar.

At first I was a bit disillusioned when I found out about this, but in retrospect it’s only logical. The Power MBA has thousands of students, the lecturers couldn’t answer all questions and objections. In addition, the price has to pay off somehow. These people are highly paid managers, that is simply not an option for this study award.

PMBA Mo Gadwat

The videos and lessons with the lecturers are still very interesting. It is very fascinating to learn the subject of lean startup from Eric Ries personally. Or learn from Jonathan Mildenhall about AirBnB marketing. With every lesson I am amazed at how many great people they have brought on board. It is very inspiring to learn from these people. You can find the exact and detailed list of mentors on my post Power MBA Instructors.


The Power MBA Costs

As already mentioned in the short summary, the Power MBA costs € 850. This is an absolutely fair price for an 11-month training course or almost 60 hours of content + all the additional events.

If you calculate the price down to the month you are at € 77.27. That is absolutely justified. The Power MBA also offers special company rates. Why don’t you ask your bosses if they’ll pay for your training. You get this specific content for your money:

  • Meet the Teacher Webinars
  • 11 months daily (Mon-Fri) 15 min lessons (approx. 60h video)
  • Access to the community
  • Access to the Power MBA Bookclub
  • Certificate at the end of the course

The Power MBA Money Back Guarantee

Should you still hesitate and want to take a look at the program first, then you can make use of the 100% money-back guarantee. This works in such a way that you can withdraw from the purchase up to 15 days after the start of the first lesson and get 100% of your money back.

As with a normal degree program, registrations are only possible for a limited time. So there is a winter & summer semester. So if you register in June and the program doesn’t start until September 1st, you can practically withdraw from your purchase until September 15th.


Power MBA discount

Is there a Power MBA voucher code? Unfortunately, no. The creators rarely give out coupon codes, or none at all. The program is already very cheap at € 850 and you can also pay in installments. When I signed up for the program, there was a promotion and I got a € 100 discount. So € 750 purchase price. If you put yourself on the waiting list, you will be informed about appropriate discount campaigns. How the Power MBA fares in comparison to other MBA programs can be found in my article Power MBA Costs.



Power MBA Community

In addition to the lecturers and the lessons, a large part of the MBA is the community. There are always two types of people. Some want their peace and quiet and rather little contact and others want a lot of contact and strong networking.

There are options in the program for both sides. You decide how active or inactive you are. There are various events and tools in which you can participate:

Global Welcome Webinar. Here you will be taught the most important information about starting the program and you will get to know your fellow students.

Global speed networking event. In this event you will get to know your fellow students better. In a Zoom meeting you are randomly thrown together with 5-9 other students and you have to do assignments.

Speednetworking Germany. The same event format as global speed networking, only with students from Germany

Powertalks. In these webinars, entrepreneurs from the respective country are invited to talk about a wide variety of business topics

Meet Your Teachers Webinars. As already described in the section on lecturers, there are webinars at the beginning of the course in which you can get to know individual lecturers and ask questions.

There is also the Power MBA Forum. Here you can ask questions about each individual lesson or participate in discussions. You can find all other community measures in my post Power MBA Community.

Power MBA Forum



Power MBA Pro & Cons

Let’s get to the advantages and disadvantages of the Power MBA program. Since this is my personal Power MBA experience, I weight some things differently than you do.


The price: A clear point in favor of the program is the price. For the target group that the program appeals, the € 850 shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, it is payable in installments and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

15 min per day: I have already bought and completed a lot of online courses. Unfortunately, I bought more than I made. In the meantime I have developed the best system for myself to actually complete the course I have bought. I watch one lesson / video a day. That was before I started the Power MBA. That’s why the USP caught me immediately with 15 minutes of learning per day.

The Tests: I don’t think I need to explain to you that simply consuming dull videos is a great learning success. That’s why there is a test after each lesson in which you have to prove the knowledge you have learned.

The Community: That is of course a matter of taste, but for someone who likes to network with others, the Power MBA is the ideal platform to get to know like-minded people around the world.

The content: And last but not least, the content is of course phenomenal. You will be taught practice-relevant techniques that are not 10 years old and are only intended for large corporations. But the latest methods and techniques, mostly by the inventors themselves.

Customer support: Customer support via chat is available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. This one is really excellent. He usually answers within 5 minutes and was always able to help me.

No exam: Even if it is nice not to have to take a final exam that decides whether or not to pass, over time this will damage the reputation of the training. People will have their education in their LinkedIN profile without really deserving it.

Lecturers: The Power MBA advertises very strongly with its lecturers from Silicon Valley and world-famous companies. The expectation can quickly arise that one will be in close contact with these people and be able to enter into a direct exchange. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You can learn from these inspiring personalities, but only through the videos.

Technical problems: As I belong to the first global group, there have been technical difficulties at one point or another or certain lessons have not been completed. But as already mentioned with the advantages, the customer support usually fixed it in a few minutes.

Too little depth: This Power MBA point of criticism is a matter of taste. For me, the leadership module was not in depth enough. I would have expected more here.


Power MBA conclusion

After my 7 month The Power MBA experience, I can clearly recommend the further training to you. It has brought me an enormous amount professionally. In my work in an agile start-up, I was able to try out and apply a lot of content. But many fellow students in large corporations have also drawn an enormous amount from the program and have developed into great executives. If you want to take the next step professionally, be this:

  • take a leadership position
  • move to another company
  • found your own start-up
  • expand knowledge in entrepreneurial thinking

then the Power MBA is the right offer for you!


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